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Welcome to a webstore for all your Home Theater Equipment. When you come into our webstore, we offer all the components needed to set up a Home Theater. You can browse through the many products we have to choose from such as Televisions, Projectors, Amplifiers, Speakers, DVD & Blu-ray Players, Projection Screens and Cables.

Lets say you have a spare room at your home that would be ideal to set up as a Home Theater. But, how do you get started. Well you have come to the right place to get the components you require. You need to visualize the room with all the components in your room. The first step is to decide what viewing components you want.

  • You can either go with a Flat Panel Television such as a 60inch LCD Television or if you prefer a bigger viewing experience, then you need to go with a front projection system.
  • What comes next is the type of DVD player you want to use, whether you want standard(DVD player) or you want HD(High Definition)player called Blu-ray.
  • Next you need a Receiver(Amplifier) to handle the sound. You can have the 5.1(5 Treble speakers to 1 Sub-Woofer) experience or 7.1(7 Treble Speakers to 1 Sub-woofer) experience.
  • Now you require the speakers – Front Speakers, Center Speaker, Rear Effect Speakers and a Sub-woofer.
  • Next you require all the cables(HDMI, Monster Cable and A/V Cables) that connect the components together. To power and protect your components you use a Surge Power Strip/Board.


So you can shop for all the components you require to set up a Home Theater all in one place – and make this your next DIY project.

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